El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

An Old Flame

Quinn's ex invites the heroes to investigate some ruins...

Act I: A Spark with an Old Flame

Rachel Longfellow, one of Quinn’s old girlfriends, who is also a member of the explorer’s society visits Vaticine City unexpectedly. She seems affable but is also nervous. She says she is on Castille because the society has found what appears to be a big lead on some Ruins within Castille and she means to find them. She’s nervous about being in inquisition territory.

Revealing the possibility of treasure, Luis’ interest is piqued and his skills seem especially useful for this mission. Diego’s sword arm will likely be necessary in case of any ruin monsters, and Quinn’s wilderness skills will be invaluable in finding the place. Further, Los Vagos communicate to Luis and Diego that the should accept the mission if only to find out what is in the ruins (before the inquisition does).

Her predecessor, Edmund (who is also her boyfriend, unbeknownst to Quinn) has gone missing and she suspects the inquisition is behind it. Her true purpose is to be “bait” for the inquisition in the hopes of finding Edmund’s holding place. But she does not tell this to Quinn, instead making it seem he has another shot with her.

Act II: Getting to the Ruins

The ruins are in the Sierra de Hierro (Saw of Iron) mountains of Rancho Soldano, close to the Vodacce border.

Entry to the Mountain Passes
The entryway to the Sierra de Hierro is guarded by a garrison of troops. The PCs have a pass from the General that lets them by (but the Inqusition does not need a pass).

In the Mountains
The weather there is extreme, and as it is fall, cold blasting winds will be blowing through the peaks and crags. It is very cold (but not snowing yet). The PCs purchased adequate supplies for the trip, using money they got from selling the horses and the bounty on the giant Black Wolf.

The Mysterious Cave Paintings
In the mountains, there were some rocks with paintings portraying an ancient culture of fire-worshipers, seemingly ruled by a great king who wields fire from his hands. The cave paintings are very ancient indeed, according to Rachel, over 2,000 years old!

The Boulder Trap
Taking point, Quinn somehow managed not to spot the tripwire across the path. Luis shouted out a warning, but the words left his throat a second too late as a boulder rolled down the hill right at Quinn. Quinn spent a Fortune Point, and ended up with a Close Call instead, as the boulder smashed into a tree adjacent to him. Obviously, someone was here before them; and does not want any followers. Quinn’s tracking was able to reveal there were no less than 5 people up in the place where the boulder dropped from, and their footprints appear later on the path and lead into the ruins.

These guys are not with the Inquisition, however; they are mercenaries employed by Vincenzo Caligari (these mountains border Vodacce after all). And they want access to the ruins for themselves alone.

Next… Arrival at the Ruins…



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