El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

Land Ho!

A Sea Battle and the Turn of the Tide

Fight on the Island
At first, things with Tookman are simply two sides talking, and making veiled threats at each other under the guise of offering assistance. Surprisingly, the Professor agreed to go aboard their longboat back to the Gleaming Coin. This was a ruse, however. While eyes were not on him, he spilled a vile of powerful acid into the bottom of the boat. Soon, there was a big hole in the bottom as the acid sizzled away. A skirmish breaks out, but the PCs manage to get away unharmed.

Her Majesty’s Secret Service
The Queen’s Rascal signals that they wish to parley. The Captain of the Grinning Pelican allows her to come aboard with a few men. Initially, they are mistrustful of her, but Quinn and Merida both have reason to vauch for her. Like Molly, Quinn is also loyal to Queen Elaine and Molly and Merdia are both members of Sophia’s Daughters (they obviously cannot say this out loud, but they do meet secretly and share information at one point).

Molly discloses that she has information from the Avalon navy that Jaques LeRoque is in fact, not a pirate, but an officer of the Montaigne navy. His ship is not stolen, and he is not an ex-patriot pirate, but is truly loyal to Le Empeur. His mission, they guess, is to stop the Golden Head from getting back to Theah because if the Castillian army continues to go unpaid for much longer they will either have mutinies or the Inquisition will take over, which will cause the Castillian people to be less interested in preventing the Montaigne from invading (some might even see them as liberators from the Inquisition).

Of course, if he CAN get the head, LeRoque is planning to do so; but if he cannot, he wants to sink them to ensure it never gets back.

With this in mind, the Heroes plot their attack to take LeRoque by surprise. Meanwhile, LeRoque has a surprise for them. He knows that Molly Makepeace is aboard, and can guess that his cover is likely blown. Therefore he has made an offer to Vengi Tookman to work together to take out the Grinning Pelican. The next day, a mighty sea battle shall take place!

The Sea Battle Plan
By cover of darkness, Remiro swims out to the Rake of Charousse with a powder keg (inside of a barrel along with a tin containing dry matchcord, flint, and steel). After kick paddeling his way there, Ramiro sets the charge, lights it, and dives into the sea, swimming as far and fast as he can from the explosion that is about to take out the rudder of the Rake of Charousse. This will allow the Heroes’ ship to approach and board without having to face a broadside from the frigate’s deadly gunports. (they’d prefer to capture the ship as a prize rather than simply sink it).

Meanwhile Molly Makepeace and the Sea Dogs attack the Gleaming Coin. I allowed the players to roll for this sea battle in between running rounds of their boarding action against the Rake of Charouse.

This is where the session ended. The player playing Ramiro was unable to attend after that, so sadly, it seems like he was killed in the ensuing explosion that took out the rudder.

Crew of the Rake of Charouse
Captain: Jaques LeRoque, Commodore in the Montaigne Navy, Spy, and (secretly) Porte Sorcerer
First Mate: A Caligari family member seeking the head for his uncle; also seeking to get the Cube from the Professor.
Bosun: A huge Vesten covered in scars (he’s a Berserker)
Navigator: El Craneo Rojo, mortal enemy of Diego!

The Heroes pair off fighting various members of the crew. Merida fights the Bosun, her massive claymore and his pair of axes taking savage swipes at each other, splintering the rails with every miss! The First Mate goes after the Professor, but Reggie keeps him at bay. Quinn was aboard Molly Makepeaces’ ship and fired volleys of fire arrows at the Gleaming Coin. Doctor Cervantes assists Luis as he takes on Captain LeRoque! Shockingly, LeRoque surrenders before being slain, and Luis spares him.

But there is no mercy for El Craneo Rojo. The Montaigne who blinded Diego’s Father after killing his sister and burning his house to ashes! This was his day to die. Diego fought him across the deck of the ship like a man possessed. So far out at sea, his Porte sorcery is not strong enough for him to teleport away this time, and Diego finally runs him through. His sister’s soul can now rest in peace. At this point, Diego “completed” his Obsession Flaw, and lost it. He also lost his “Voices” advantage; his sister’s ghost no longer spoke to him in dreams now that her soul was at peace.

Diego also discovered how El Craneo Rojo had tracked him all this time. He had blooded Teresa’s locket (which Diego always wears). As he’s dying, El Craneo Rojo tells Diego that he had loved his sister, and thought she loved him as well. He gave her the locket marked with his own blood so he could be close to her. When he discovered she was only pretending to love him; that she was using him to pass on information to a spy (who was her “real” lover) he flew into a rage. He stabbed her father (who had always hated him anyway) in the eyes and when Teresa came to save him, El Craneo Rojo grabber her and strangled the life out of her with the locket. He left it around her neck, then burnt the house to the ground while the old man cried out in grief, powerless to do anything else.

The Gleaming Coin realizing it had no chance to win, eventually turns around and is driven off. They will live to fight another day…

The session came to an end with the Heroes sighting land: THE island.



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