El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue


Three New Heroes!

Now desperate for food, the crew lands on an island. Quinn and Rachel take a few crewmembers to hunt and search for edible plants. As they come out of the jungle, they see Vengi Tookman and a dozen men standing on the beach, next to a longboat, the Gleaming Coin, behind them (they came to the island from the other side as the PCs).

Tookman insists that he only wants to talk. When asked if he was also searching for food, he replies “Yes, of course” which some PCs take to mean his ship has also been sabotaged, while others presume the silver-tongued Vendel is simply pretending.

He tips his hand, however, by saying that he’d seen their rowboat adrift on the other side of the island, and that he’d be willing to give them a lift… back to the Gleaming Coin of course.

Introducing New Characters
At this point, we began a new game session. The size of my gaming group doubled, from 3 to 6 players! Even though we left off on a cliffhanger, it was easy to incorperate the newcomers into the scene: I simply replaced the generic crewmen that Quinn had taken with him for the hunting party with the new PCs. Diego and Luis, however, were still aboard the Grinning Pelican. Having a split party gave me a chance to utilize the suggestion in the Honor + Intrigue book on how to do this; having all the players roll initiative, and move back and forth between parts, rather than run each part fully to conclusion separately.

I also had fun incorperating the “Destiny Spread” into the game. We just used playing cards. Removed the face cards. Diamonds = Coins, Spades = Swords, Clubs = Staves, and Hearts = Cups. After doing the spread, I just on the fly decided what effect each card would have. So some characters got a free Boon or Flaw out of it, others got +1 to certain rolls, etc. I did make one rule: If you do the Destiny Spread and don’t like what you get you can throw the whole thing out (but you don’t get to re-do it).

On the beach, our newcomers are:

Merida MacGuffin
(yes, inspired by the Heroine of the movie Brave, which incorperated rather nicely into making a Sophia’s Daughters character)
Highlands Noblewoman Motivation: Independence
Backstory: You were born the eldest daughter of the Clan Chief Fergus MacGuffin, a mighty warrior with a booming voice. You loved your father and wanted to be just like him, but your mother wanted you to be “a lady” and when she began calling suitors to woo you at the age of 15, you decided to seek help to “change your fate”. That’s when you met the old witch in the woods, who gave you a potion to help change your mother… and change her it did! After working together to undo the transformation, you had your mother’s blessing to follow your own heart. It was not long after that you ran into the old witch again. She told you that she was a “Daughter of Sophia” and that you were as well. Now that you had passed the test, you were ready to follow your own path, and help other women to do the same. Under her tutelage you learned to make potions yourself, and also grew into a mighty warrior like your father. Now the time has come when other young women need you, and you are ready to help them change their fate.

Qualities: Might 1 Daring 1 Savvy 2 Flair 1 Lifeblood: 11
Combat: Brawl 0 Melee 3 Ranged 0 Defense 1 Fortune: 4
Careers: Noble 0 Sorcerer 3 Swordswoman 1 Spy 0

Boons: MacDonald Sword School, Daredevil, Maneuver Mastery, Member: Sophia’s Daughters
Flaws: Hot-Headed, Trusting
Languages: Avalon (N), Vendel, Cyrmic (N)

Guilders Equipment: Scrying Kit (silver bowl, pitcher, small bottles, various reagents), Noble gown, Fighting Clothes, Claymore

(1d6+3 Dmg, +1 Moulinet), Potions

Note: Merida uses the Sophia’s Daughter’s Scrying sorcery. I just added it to my Conversions Wiki!

The Professor An expert on syrneth artifacts, obsessed with finding the island of Cabora, convinced that the Golden Head will yield some clue

Professor Thomas Percival Portarlington Travers-Forsmythe
Avalon Scholar of Syrneth Artifacts Motivation: Curiosity

Qualities: Might -1 Daring 0 Savvy 3 Flair 2 Lifeblood: 9
Combat: Brawl -1 Melee 0 Ranged 1 Defense 2 Fortune: 5
Careers: Scholar (Archeologist) 2, Physician 1, Treasure Hunter 1, Craftsman 2, Alchemist 1

Boons: Syrneth Artifact/MacGuffin: “The Cube”, Jack of All Trades, Membership: Explorer’s Society
Flaws: Non-Combatant, Obsession: Finding the Isle of Cabora, Hunted: Caligari (he wants the Cube)
Languages: Avalon (N), Castillian (F), Thean (F), Eisen, Crescent

“The Cube” dang blasted thing seems to be the key to uncovering Cabora… if only I could make the devilish thing WORK! It is a syrneth artifact modeled on a DnD “Wand of Wonder”.
Diving Bell (attached to the Grinning Pelican), 1 small vial of acid (enough to do 1d3 dmg, or burn through 1 cubic inch of metal or wood).
Alchemy Kit, Doctor’s Bag, “Treasure Hunter’s” Tools, Smith’s Tools, Books and Charts detailing information about Cabora,
Blunderbuss: 1d6+6 Dmg, 10’ Range Inc., range penalties apply to damage instead of attack roll, 3 Minor Actions to load, Misfire 2-3; Hits 1d6 tightly-grouped targets

Shieldman: Reginald Perbright
Might 2 Daring 1 Lifeblood: 10
Melee 2 Defense 1 Advantage: 1
Swordsman 2 Explorer 1

Boons: Shield Man Sword School
Flaws: Obligation: The Professor

Maneuvers: Dirty Fighting, Bind, Shove/Trip, Riposte, Dodge*
Benefit: No penalties with Improvised Weapons. You can parry for a companion

Remiro Sentido
Castillian Buccaneer Motivation: Excitement

Qualities: Might 2 Daring 2 Savvy 0 Flair 0 Lifeblood: 11
Combat: Brawl 1 Melee 2 Ranged 0 Defense 1 (2 on ship) Fortune: 3
Careers: Ruffian 0 Pirate 2 Swordsman 1 Explorer 1

Boons: Rogers Sword School (Master), Maneuver Mastery (x2), Contacts: Los Vagos / Brethren of the Coast
Flaws: Drunkard, Hot-Headed, Pressed into Service: Keired-Din
Languages: Castillian (N), Montaigne, Vendel, Avalon

Cutlass (1d6+2 Dmg)
Flintlock Pistol (1d6+1 Dmg, 10’ Range, Misfire 2-3, Reload 3)



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