El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

Syrneth Ruins Part 2

The Heroes recovered another gem along in a room that was filled with seering heat; the body of a dead Syrneth monster (some manner of gigantic centipede creature). The creature was coiled around a clutch of eggs (the source of the heat in the room) and also a gem. Luis decided that the threat those eggs might pose was not worth the possible sale value of them, and decided not to try to carry them out.

The Heroes also figured out how to get the correct gem from the three armed statue. Seeming to have most of the gems, they move northward where they discovered a band of Vodacce mercenaries (hired by Caligari; they were the ones who laid the boulder trap) finishing off a horde of giant ant-like bio-machines. They have also recovered some gems. They offer to work with the heroes so that the gems can all be placed in the beholder statue. Of course, once the gems were placed inside the beholder statue and a secret door to the “real” treasure was revealed, the mercenaries double crossed the PCs. In the ensuing fight, Diego managed to subdue the leader of the mercenaries into surrender (he was “between the sword and the wall” quite literally). The PCs took their firearms (they left them their swords so they would not be helpless) and left them in the ruins. Luis made sure to warn them “whatever you do; don’t remove those gems from the eye statue”. Within 15 minutes of the party leaving the ruins, they hear the sound of the ruins collapsing in on itself and the beholder statue can be seen flying away! Clearly, the warning to “leave it alone” went unheeded. The treasure they found in the secret compartment consisted of two things: a pair of earings (one white, one black) and a large amber disk (about the size of a frisbee). Inside the amber was a bracelet with all sorts of arcane markings allover it. Looking through the bracelet part of the amber distorts the view of the holder, so the heroes are pretty sure it has some sort of “seeing” power. The earings were discovered to hiss in whatever ear it is worn in. Putting both earings on makes this hiss unbearably loud. Eventually they figure out that if two people wear the earing seperately, they can communicate with one another remotely. Rachel is content to let them have the earings, but warns them that syrneth artifacts often have some sort of downside to their use; there may be somebody else listening too, or the earings may burn out after so much time, for instance. Rachel takes possession of the amber disk, which she has begun to refer to as the “All Seeing Eye” from an epic legend. Even though Luis thought he had taken it, when he looked in his pack, it turned out to be a rock (courtesy of some glamour magic, any time Luis tries to steal the disk, he will get a decoy instead). Making their way down the mountain, the heroes round a bend where there is a waterfall. Quinn had gone ahead of them, cutting through trees rather than taking the switchbacks. He sees a group of men readying an ambush, and is sneaking up on them. However, the PCs round the bend just in time to see a Knight Inquisitor who is also a member of the Swords of Solomon standing in the middle of the path. With him are a squad of Defenders of the Faith, and a halberdier as well. Behind him is a man tied to a wooden stake. They weren’t expecting the Castillian Inquisition…



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