El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

The Castillian Inquisition!

So the Heroes had stumbled onto the inquisition. Knight Inquisitor Sergio Aldana y Montenegro demanded that Rachel Longfellow surender herself and all “heretical” Syrneth artifiacts they recovered from the ruins, and in exchange they would be taken to Vaticine City where they would receive a “fair trial”. If they refused, they would be executed here and now (along with this other fellow tied to the stake).

Luis pretended to comply, but had readied a concealed knife for the moment he got close enough, walking forward with his hands up (the knife was attached to the back of his hand). He then held his action… then

Rachel was faltering; the horribly beaten man tied to the stake was in fact, her boyfriend (this whole expedition was a plan by her to bring her boyfriend’s kidnapper out of hiding). Before she could surrender, however, Diego charged on his horse at full tilt right at the Knight Inquisitor. He lept over the inquisitor’s head, with a half twist and a flip; stuck the landing, and immediately began a flurry of attacks pushing the stunned inquisitor back (in game mechanics terms, the player rolled a Mighty Success on the roll to leap from the charging mount successfully. Following the rules, a mighty success in combat for a non-damaging action gives +1 Advantage and also some additional benefit. I allowed a free extra action for it. So the player attacked with bladework. The Inquistor yielded advantage. Then the player decided to “Press the Advantage” and burned a point of advantage for another attack after taking his regular attack. So 3 attacks were launched from this single turn! He ended up yielding 2 Advantage and then having no choice but to take the damage from the final attack. However, the Inquisitor’s armor completely soaked the damage from the final attack. Quinn, who had been hiding in the woods setting up an ambush (against another squad of Defenders of the faith who were also planning to attack from ambush themselves) changed his corse of action and used the Mad Jack Glamour knack to walk out from behind the wooden stake and toss the burning torch that was sitting next to it in the river. He then used the same ability to go back to his hiding spot. The guards standing nearby noticed nothing. Montenegro attacked Diego, and managed a mighty success on his own with the Beat maneuver, but failed to disarm Diego with it. However, he did regain +1 Advantage and also forced Diego to yield 2 (with ANOTHER Mighty Success) which now made them on even footing as each now had 2 Advantage remaining. Montenegro fought his way away from the edge of the cliff, forcing Diego to roll back away from the savage swipes of his heavy serpentine sword of Solomon. Diego found himself backing INTO a group of Defenders of the Faith, however. He was surrounded on all sides. He also managed to defend himself from an assault by four of them WHILE fighting the Inquistor at the same time! He truly was living up to the title of “Master” in this fight! One of the Knight Inquistors with a Halberd decided to make an attack on Luis at that moment, and Luis responded by managing to grab the Halberd and use it as leverage (against a nearby tree) to FLING the inquisitor into the river. Rachel, seeing what was going on made a bee-line for Edmund, her betrothed, and used her whip to grab a Defender of the Faith by the neck and fling him into the river. She then dismounted and prepared the begin cutting the ropes. The ambushing group of Defenders of the Faith fired on the party, but missed (thanks to several Fortune Points) while the halberdier commanding them slid down the hill to fight beside Montenegro (basically replacing the one who went over the falls). When his Defenders of the Faith followed suit the next round (their vision was impaired by smoke from their current position; smokeless powder doesn’t exist yet), they ended up losing their balance and lost their round skidding down the side of a hill. Each phase of combat, I had anyone in the river roll or be moved one square closer to the edge of the falls. All failed. The halberdier found himself screaming as he fell over the side. I said that he managed to use his halberd to catch himself between two rocks about 100 feet further down. The Defender of the Faith was not as lucky and landed on the sharp rocks at the bottom.

The tide began to turn in the Heroes’ favor. Rachel handed Edmund a sword, and despite crippling injuries visited upon him by the inquisition, the shear distilled revenge / murderous rage within him allowed him to cut down several Defenders of the Faith, while Rachel casually shot another one in the head. Diego then got off another impressive series of attacks on Montenegro, who then asked “Who ARE you… I must know” to Diego. Diego gave him his full name. After that, one of Quinn’s arrows hit Montenegro in the cheek. Realizing the odds were against him (fighting Diego one on one would be too much for him; let alone Diego plus several allies) Montenegro shouted “You have not heard the last of Inquisitor Montenegro” and then lept over the falls! Montenegro used one of his “Miracle Dice” to give himself a Fortune Point, which allowed him to automatically make a successful getaway from the heroes, meaning he survived the fall without hitting any jagged rocks.

In fact, I asked one of the players to pick a number between 1 and 10. He picked “7”. I rolled a d10 and it came up 7… so I ruled that Montenegro’s fall was partly broken by the other Inquisitor who was holding onto some rocks below. At the top of the falls, this left Halberdier #2 and a few Defenders of the Faith. Luis demanded their surrender, and the Halberdier agreed, but the Defenders continued to fight on, though they were quickly defeated by Diego. Questioning the halberdier, they discovered that Montenegro possessed a Syrneth Tablet that he suspected was to be used in conjunction with the “All Seeing Eye”. The inquisition believes there are some things man was not meant to know, and planned to destroy them both together. After capturing and interrogating Edmund (he was the original owner of the tablet) they found out about his destination up into the mountains to search the ruins looking for the Eye. They also knew that Edmund suspected that the Eye and Tablet would reveal the greatest Syrneth treasure ever imagined: the golden head of Korlak ur-Nagath. A few weeks later, Rachel came looking for Edmund, and unable to find him went looking for the Eye herself in hopes of bringing Edmund’s captors out of hiding. The PCs were the strong and able party of adventurers she needed to take on the kidnappers (as well as the ruins).



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