El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

The Golden Head Rush

After a few days journey, the party makes it back to San Gustavo. Each PC makes a report to their superior who they are surprised to find waiting in the city for them. (Quinn is debriefed by General Cristian Acedo de Lopez del Torres, while “El Vago” himself appears to Luis and Diego). Both however have essentially the same mission briefing (unknown to the PCs they are in fact, the same person) so I run it as if all of them are there, turning my swivel chair back and forth between the Players to sort of represent a cut-scene conversation that is not taking place simultaneously.

What their superior has to tell them is bad news, however. The Royal Army has been suffering from a series of mutinies. Aparrently, the soldiers have been unpaid for the past 6 weeks, and things are only likely to get worse. Good King Sandoval wants to pay his brave soldiers, however the creditors are now refusing to lend any more money to the crown, whose finances have been tapped out by the war as it was. During all this, Cardinal Verdugo has offered that the Holy Inqusition will happily donate money to see the troops are paid. El Vago/The General sees this as a power play by Verdugo to consolidate more power in his own hands while discrediting the king even further. Furthermore, he has a feeling that the Inqusiiton may have something to do with those creditors suddenly cutting the king off… Needless to say, Castille needs money if it is going to defend itself from the Montaigne without selling itself to the Inquisition. The story of the Tablet and All Seeing Eye and the Golden Head is no secret. The inquisition loves publicizing the “confessions” of captured “heretics” like Edmund. When it was discovered that Edmund was alive and well, word got around. So it is no surprise that El Vago knew about it. Indeed, it seems that there are quite a few new ships in the port as well these days, and the PCs have felt like they’re being watched all the time… So the General / El Vago gives the PCs a mission: for the realm and their king, they must try to find this Golden Head. The Explorer’s Society has arranged a ship to go on an expedition to find it, and the PCs are invited to come along: after all they have experience with Syrneth Ruins now, and saved the lives of two of their members. In exchange for helping the Explorer’s find the Golden Head, the Explorer’s Society will offer to buy them out of their share of the Golden Head (they want to study it, not melt it down for the gold). This could be just the cash injection that Castille needs. It will be a few weeks still before Edmund is fit to travel by sea, however, and they’ll need time besides to figure out how to use the Eye with the Tablet to discern their destination. In the meantime, more and more unsavory “merchant ship captains” have been arriving in port. The PCs noticed themselves being followed by a pair of Vendel Twins who tried to bribe them to sell them a map to the treasure, agreeing to pay them a share of the treasure when they recover it. Most of the PCs took this Vendel for some kind of a rich dandy, until a Vesten came into the tavern and tried to bury an axe in the Vendel’s head. He quick-drew a pistol and shot the great viking between the eyes and he fell dead at his feet. “Barkeep; have somebody clean this s**t up off the floor!”. The Vendel then paid for the drinks, and tipped his hat, asking the PCs to remember his offer. However Quinn decided instead that they would auction off the map to the highest bidder. This is where the session ended, with preperations underway for an auction to take place. I have no idea what they’re planning to do during this auction, since they themselves don’t know where the final destination is, however the potential bidders don’t know that, now do they?



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