El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

The Syrneth Ruins Part 1

So, obviously this session was a bit different from most 7th Sea games, because this was a bona-fide dungeon crawl. I made some changes to make this be more of a Syrneth Ruins and less D&D in style, however.

Giving a room by room description of everything would be a bit too much so I’ll just hit the highlights here: So the Heroes first found Room 2, and there was a giant, winged, horned ape in there which charged at them. It took some doing, but the Heroes finally killed it. I used the Demon template from the Honor + Intrigue book for it. They proceded south, where they wisely chose to ignore the room with the “rats” in it. Actually these were not rats, but “boca” creatures that are like combo of kangaroo rats and piranhas, probably was the deadliest encounter of the dungeon. Moving west, they see a horrifying Syrneth “statue” which was the exact likeness of a D&D Xorn. It had several gems fixed onto its body, each was one of its three “eyes”. Luis tried taking the wrong one, and the statue came to life; he quickly replaced it, and the statue ceased moving. They left this room and continued west, then south, crossing an underground river and seeing a large metal statue of a bull. This statue had no eyes, and its body was covered in scales, and I tried my best to convey that it looked like something that belonged in “Pan’s Labyrinth”. It also had a blue gem in its chest, that pulsed and hummed. They left this room without touching the thing. In the next room, they found a slimy green lichen with a feint glow covering the walls. Burning it off the wall, the discovered a green gem and some pictograms underneath which showed the beholder statue and the gems that must be placed in a specific order on it. Next door, they spotted yet another statue, this one of a cyclops holding a spear, ready to hurl. Luis cleverly noticed that there was a trap in the floor, and avoided it, then managed to pry the gem out that was serving as the creature’s eye. Hearing the boca on the other side of the next door, they doubled back and decided to investigate the underground river, and found it led to an underground lake, but there was nothing of further interest to them here. In a bold move, Luis and Quinn yanked the blue gem from the “bull” statue and it chased them right towards the cyclops statue. Leaping over the trap, the cyclops impaled the bull with its spear when it touched the pressure plate in the floor. However, the bull did smash into the cyclops, making a huge “boooooong” sound (the statue was hollow and functioned as a sort of alarm bell). The boca on the other side of the wall began chewing the wall itself trying to get in, and they left in a hurry.



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