El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

Who's NOT Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf!?!?!

The creature that Diego is facing is a “Black Wolf” a monster described in the Montaigne sourcebook. I did not have the creature statted out for Honor + Intrigue, and instead used the stats for the Beast of Gevaudan instead.

At first, Diego is alone, but he let out a scream when he saw the creature (and what it did to the deer) and the other party members began moving in to help. Quinn used his “Mad Jack” Glamour in order to appear closer to the monster, essentially halving the 200 yard distance between it and himself, and opting to fire at it from the safe distance of 100 yards.

Luis had to get there the old fashioned way, and began sprinting towards the noise. Since we were not using any maps or miniatures, I just had him roll 2d6 + Daring. Next round, I had him roll the same thing, adding his result to the previous total. Once the total exceeded 20, he’d be close enough to try to attack the monster.

Before Diego had a chance to act to defend himself, the beast was leaping at him, attempting to swipe at him with both of its mighty claws! And then it rolled a Calamitous failure! I declared that Diego ducked just in time and the creature’s paw was stuck in a hollow in the tree behind him (its claws impaled the wood as well). This also had the effect of canceling the creature’s second attack and threw it enough off balance to reduce its Defense by 1.

Seeing that the creature was exposed, Diego opted to go for maximum damage and performed a Lunge at the creature, knowing it would not be able to exploit an opening as it was currently stuck. Since he has mastered Lunge, Diego did 2d6+1 damage, which ended up being 12 damage to the creature. This ought to have been extremely impressive, since the average Hero has 10 Lifeblood. However the creature was only angry about this attack!

Then, Quinn showed up and one of his arrows found its mark in the beast’s shoulder.

Next round, Diego did something extremely brave/foolish. He lept up onto the creature’s back, clutching at its fur with one hand, and holding his sword by the quillions in the other, and impaled it yet again. And yet again, the beast was only angered! But for such an audacious action, I immediately awarded a Fortune Point to Diego’s player!

The beast tried to buck him off (I made Diego roll a Might check against the creature’s 6 Might… and Diego SUCCEEDED by rolling boxcars) but could not. Diego knew if he let go, he was a dead man.

Quinn managed to hit the wolf yet again, even though he had the added difficulty of having to aim around Diego, but thanks to the Robin Goodfellow Glamour Knack, he was able to ignore the ranged and cover penalties and his arrow flew true; hitting the beast in its hindquarter. By this point the creature had taken 22 damage, at which point I announced that it was down to about half its Lifeblood. Jaws dropped.

Then Luis burst forth from the bushes, about 15 feet from the creature. I immediately had him make a Daring roll against the beast’s Terror rating of 3, which he failed and lost 1 Composure. His throwing knife struck the creature in the shoulder, and it immediately fixed its gaze on him!

Next round, the creature went first, and tried to bite Luis. The attack succeeded easily, but I allowed Luis to yield advantage; saying that he had stumbled backwards over a root, which the beast promptly bit in half.

The beast was stabbed and shot another time, but still clung to rage and its life; intent on taking ONE of the humans that had hurt it with it into death. It leapt to kill Luis, who killed it with a Stop-Thrust, pulling his knife from the monstrous beast’s throat. Diego managed to roll off its back before it crushed his leg under its collapsing body.

Quinn began getting to work preparing the deer and skinning the wolf (believing, quite rightly, that its hide would be worth a large sum of money; there is in fact, a bounty on these types of wolves). The other PCs ate and tried to get some sleep, but the thought of the monster they faced, and knowing that this part of Montaigne is the “most haunted” part of the whole kingdom makes their sleep less than restful…



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