Diego de Montanya

Master of Gallegos Sword School


Motivation: Justice

Qualities: Might 0 Daring 2 Savvy 1 Flair 1
Combat: Brawl 0 Melee 3 Ranged 0 Defense 2 (11)
Careers: Swordsmith 0 Swordsman 3 Sailor 0 Criminal 1
Lifeblood: 10 Fortune: 4
Languages: Castillian (N), Montaigne (F)

Boons: Dueling Style(Gallegos), Maneuver Mastery x2
Flaws: Obsession: Revenge vs. “El Craneo Rojo”, Voices (the soul of his sister)

Equipment: Teresa’s pendant, Rapier (1d6 Dmg), Dagger (1d3+1 Dmg)

Mastered Maneuvers: Feint+4 (Bonus Die), Riposte+5 (Free 1 / Round), Tag+4 (Bonus Die), Lunge+5 ( ’+1 Dmg), Shove+0 (Bonus Die)
Other Useful Maneuvers: Bladework +5, Parry +6

Gallegos Style Benefits: +1 to Parry, +1 to Riposte, +1 Defense (all included), +1 Advantage


While you went to Vaticine City to become a master of the sword, you left your father and sister Teresa behind to mind the Hacienda. When you returned, you found your home burned, you sister dead, and your father blinded, wandering the ruins, muttering in terror about “El Craneo Rojo” [the Red Skull], a Montaigne officer whose advances your sister rebuffed. In your quest for vengeance you ended up fighting shoulder to shoulder with El Vago. When the battle was won, he offered his aid in your search. You’ve been with Los Vagos ever since.

Diego de Montanya

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