A thief with underworld contacts


Motivation: Freedom

Qualities: Might 0 Daring 2 Savvy 2 Flair 0
Combat: Brawl 1 Melee 2 Ranged 0 Defense 1
Careers: Juggler 0 Thief 2 Mountebank 2 Prisoner 0
Lifeblood: 10 Fortune: 3
Languages: Castillian (N), Montaigne, Vodocce

Boons: Stealthy, Friends in Low Places, Excellent Thieves Tools
Flaws: Greed, City Dweller
Equipment: Juggling Kit, Disguise Kit, Excellent Lockpicks (Bonus Die to pick locks), 4x Throwing Knives (1d3+1 Dmg, 10’ Range, Called Shot ’+1), 2x Daggers ( 1d3+1 Dmg, +1 Called Shot, 5’ Range)

Maneuvers Favored: Bladework +4, Parry +4, Throw Knife +2, Feint +2


You ran away from home to join the circus at a young age, but found it was much easier to take “donations” while others performed their acts than depend on the charity of the audience. One day you picked the wrong pocket and spent two months in the dungeon of the Inquisition when El Vago saved you. Afterward, you offered your unique talents to the cause of Los Vagos.


El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue El_Vago