Avalon Archer and Glamour Mage


Qualities: Might 0 Daring 0 Savvy 2 Flair 2
Combat Abilities: Brawl 0 Melee 0 Ranged 3 Defense 1
Careers: Hunter 1 Sorcerer 3 Craftsman (Bowyer) 0 Sailor 0
Lifeblood: 10 Fortune: 7

Languages: Avalon (N), Castillian (F), Thean
Boons: Goodfellow Longbow School

Glamour Legends: Mad Jack, Robin Goodfellow, Green Man, Thomas

Equipment: longbow (1d6+2 Dmg), Hunting Knife (1d3+1 Dmg, +1 Called Shot), Bow/Arrow making equipment, 50’ rope, dice



El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue El_Vago