El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue

Onward to Montaigne!
Getting to Montaigne was a little too easy...

The PCs managed to avoid any trouble with guards and have enough money to pay for their passage across the river to Buche. They hide in some smuggler’s hold aboard Francois’ ship, and spend the night there and half the morning till they get the all clear from Francois (who bribed a guard not to watch him unload his cargo). They agree to reunite in 10 days time, when Francois will take them across the river again into Barcino.

The Heroes arrive in Buche to discover that getting into the city, as hard as it was, will be easy compared to getting out of it. There is a wall around the city that is patrolled by guards at all times. There is a gate where all people trying to leave are questioned and searched. They also learn that the main road from Buche to Bascone (where Ramon’s prison is believed to be) also happens to be the road to Charrouse (the capital city). At any time, they may see between two and two-hundred Montaigne troops coming down that road to Buche; and they’re known for stopping all travelers demanding to see papers, and also making arbitrary arrests; especially of foreigners. Because Buche is so close to the war with Castille, security is extremely tight here.

Realizing this difficulty, they decide to lie low until nightfall. As they are wandering the crowded streets of Buche, towards the Crusty Wench (owned by the twin sister of the old Vesten woman from the Salty Hag), Diego spots someone, and hears his deceased sister’s voice cry out! “He’s here, Diego! Be careful brother!”

At that moment, the Montainge Officer known as “El Craneo Rojo” (The Red Skull), the man who killed Diego’s sister, blinded his father, and burned their family home; turns and sees Diego. Diego immediately begins to follow him, but when he turns the corner into an alley, El Craneo Rojo is gone (he is a Porte mage). Diego is distraught for two reasons.

1. He is OBSESSED with bringing his sister’s killer to justice.
2. He thought he was already dead! In a previous adventure (run as a 1 shot) El Craneo Rojo was shot and apparently killed. Somehow, he has managed to cheat death (he did so by using the “Catch” knack with Porte, to prevent the bullet from harming him. When he wheeled around clutching his chest and collapsed, people assumed he’d been killed by the gunshot. The fact that porte sorcery causes blood to drip from the portal made this all the more convincing, as it seemed like he was clutching a bleeding wound right over his heart.

Needless to say, the fact that his sister’s murderer is alive and well, and that he had gotten away has left Diego rather upset. He drinks his dinner that night, while the other PCs try to choke down the horrid food from the Crusty Wench (it is actually worse than the Salty Hag). In spite of finishing off a bottle of what the old Vesten woman swore was brandy, Diego was still conscious (but certainly 3 sheets to the wind).

At nightfall, the Heroes set about trying to scale the wall. It is only 20’ tall, with crenelations around it. Luis uses Quinn to get a boost, then lassos one of the Crenalations. One failed notice check later, and there is a guard helping him to reach the top. Luis’ attempt to fast talk the guard into thinking that he was deliberately trying to get the guards attention (and that there was a murder just below) fails. As the guard tries to place Luis under arrest, Luis knifes him with the blade he had up his sleeve.

Then, they hear footsteps approaching. Luis uses the rope to lower the dead guard below while he hangs from the wall. The guard manages to pass by without incident (he paused when he stepped in a puddle, but in the dark of the moonless night, he had no way of knowing it was a puddle of the other guard’s blood).

Meanwhile, Quinn helped himself to the dead guard’s sword. The PCs made it over the wall without incident, and wandered into the dark Montaigne night. They moved into the countryside, off the main road to avoid the patrols. They planned to move all night until they could make it to the edge of the woods in the La Motte province, where they intended to rest.

Once there, Luis elected to stay and guard the camp site. Because they had not had anything decent to eat in days, Diego and Quinn each decide to split up and go hunting (Diego is hunting with a sword). Diego also manages to see a deer! But as he begins trying to sneak up on it, he is startled to see another predator in the woods.

A gigantic black wolf, the size of a small horse, bursts through a Porte portal and bites the deer’s head off in a single snap of its jaws! It then looks up at Diego, and gets ready to charge him!

At this point, I called for everyone to roll initiative.

Danger in Barcino
Getting into Barcino was only half of the trouble...

Two of the PCs in my campaign, Luis and Diego are members of Los Vagos. A new PC, an Avalon Archer and Glamour mage named Quinn has just added. Getting them onto the same page, mission wise took some doing.

El Vago learned that the brother of one of his most important operatives in Occupied Castille, once believed to have died during the invasion, is in fact alive. His last known whereabouts were “Morteau Prison” about 100 miles on the other side of the Montaigne border. The operative was a double agent, pretending to be a collaborator with the Montaigne, where she caught the eye of a Montaigne general. He used his influence to keep her brother alive.

But when hostilities flaired up behind enemy lines, the General was killed. Now the operative has no way of knowing if her brother still lives. She had lost everything in her effort to help El Vago. He has promised her she will know if her brother lives, and if so, that he shall be returned to her. The two PCs have been asked by El Vago to venture into Montaigne and find proof of life of the missing brother. In addition, El Vago tells them that they will be bringing along somebody else, not affiliated with Los Vagos: an Avalon volunteer attached to the Castillian army.

Meanwhile, Quinn, the Avalon archer on voluntary duty with the Castillian Army, is requested by a Castillian General to go to Montaigne (since Avalon and Montagne are not officially at war) along with a couple of others who are going. Their mission is to find out if a certain Castillian Nobleman is alive within a Montaigne prison, and if so, to bring him back to Castille.

None of the PCs know that the General and El Vago are one in the same.

It was left in the PCs’ hands how to get to the prison. Options included boarding a ship, taking the river, going through the Selva de Fendes (Forest of Fiends), or trying to get by the authorities in the port of Barcino and taking a ferry to Buche. The opted to go with the latter. Of course, the first problem would be getting to Barcino. To do that, they had to get to the other side of the Montaigne lines.

Recently, Castille launched a successful attack that took back a few miles from the other side of the river before the advance was halted. Now, there is a grim no-mans-land between the crude sandbag fortifications that exist on both sides. Using the cover of darkness, the PCs chose to crawl their way across this no man’s land; crawling over the dead from the day’s battle.

During this crossing, one of them was spotted and a shot range out, impacting a corpse a few feet next to Quinn. The PCs immediately became totally still. Another shot rang out; this one striking a few feet further away. Then a third shot. It seemed as if the Montaigne sentries were trying to flush them out rather than making aimed shots.

Meanwhile, Luis managed to load a dead Montaigne’s musket and tied a long string to one end. While the sentries seemed to be reloading, he began crawling away, as the slack of string tightend behind him. His plan was to pull the trigger remotely once he got far enough away, to draw the attention of the Montaigne in the wrong direction. The musket had been pointed at the sentries, so it might even hit one of them.

However, this plan proved unnecessary, as they eventually got far enough away that the Montaigne troops were out of earshot. Why give them a reason to keep looking by pulling the cord? So instead, he set it up as a tripwire. The Montaigne would have one unexpected shot fired against them the next day when they advanced…

Having gotten past the battlelines, the PCs made their way into occupied Castille. They knew enough to stay off the main roads, and managed to make it to Barcino without incident. Rather than sneak into the city and risk being caught, they walked in through the front gates. When questioned about their business in Barcino, Luis told them about a ship they were planning to meet with, and that explanation was enough to satisfy the seargent, who let them in. After all, there were many Castillians in occupied Castille, and most of them were harmless enough.

Once inside, Luis went to a warfside tavern, “The Salty Hag” which was owned by an old associate of his (the player used his “Friends in Low Places” Boon to have a contact in the city who could smuggle them to Buche on the other side of the river). The food and service of the Salty Hag were so bad, and the barmaid so hideous, that no Montaigne troops would go near the place. The perfect place for a fence and smuggler to operate his business out of.

The Salty Hag
Luis and the party entered the Salty Hag and met the hostess, a leathery-skinned old Vesten woman with runes carved into her skin, and an eyepatch covering one eye. Her one-toothed mouth spat into a glass which she cleaned with a greasy rag when they entered. She asked, “What do YOU want?” When Luis mentioned he wanted to meet with Francois, she sent them to a dark table near the back, where the Montaigne criminal did business from.

After negotiating a bit, Luis managed to get Francois to agree to take them to Buche for 50 Guilders, and to take them back for another 50. He was also told that they would be bringing a fourth person on the return trip; but as there was less risk of being caught coming back to Barcino (the Montaigne are more worried about people trying to leave than people entering) that this would even things out.Of course, this did leave them with the problem that none of the PCs had any money, and they needed to earn 50 guilders in a hurry.

Luis spent the rest of the day pickpocketing, but did not earn nearly enough. Quinn lost what little money he had in a vain attempt to win the money at dice. Diego stayed at the bar, getting drunk. He awoke the next day in the arms of the leathery Vesten barmaid.

Luis decided that if they were to get the 50, he’d need to make a big score; so they decided to head into the wealthier district of the city. He managed to pickpocket a wealthy looking dandy, and got a ring probably worth 30 guilders.

While there, Quinn was hoping to strike up interest in an “archery contest” to earn the money,and he began putting bottles on barrels along the street to impress people with his archery abilities to get the contest started. However as he was beginning this, he was interpreted by a gloved dandy (the same one Luis stole from) of a Montaigne noble who demanded he stop littering at once. When Quinn refused, the Montaigne issued a challenge to a duel. Not being much of a swordsman, Quinn allowed Diego, a member of the Swordsman’s Guild to fight on his behalf.

Seeing this as the opportunity for profit, Luis began taking bets on the fight; emphasizing that the well dressed Montaigne noble likely was well trained, while his opponent was a mere peasant (of course, trying to get better odds as he was betting on Diego). Diego in turn decided to “make the other guy look good” for the first few rounds to drive up the betting. When the duel began, the Montaigne used his Porte sorcery to pull his rapier and main gauche out.

The duel at first went as planned. The Montaigne noble was actually very skilled in his own right, and began advancing. Diego indeed made him look good; stumbling back like an untrained peasant unfamiliar with a sword (he Yielded Advantage to the Montaigne’s excellent attack and used Feint to appear that he did not know what he was doing). The bets began coming in for Luis. Meanwhile, Quinn began using Glamour to give aid to Diego in case he should need it.

Then, the Montaigne did a Hilt Punch and bloodied Diego’s nose. At that point, he stopped playing around! After a frenzy of flashing still, where an attack was Parried, Riposted and the Riposte was Parried and Riposted, Diego managed to strike a blow. Thanks to the Glamour used by Quinn, Diego’s behind the back thrust was deadly poetry in motion. The Montaigne Noble collapsed to the flagstones and died.

Before Luis could collect the bets, however, he heard a terrifying sound: a bystander shouting “The Prefect is Dead!” While some guards began to close in on Diego, a few members of the Swordsman’s Guild, put their hands on their hilts and declared that this was a legal duel; indeed that the Prefect had been the one to issue the challenge. A guard captain, also a guild member knew that they were in the right and ordered the guard to stand down. Nevertheless, Diego and the others decided it was better to beat a hasty retreat.

Now with the money they needed to cross into Montaigne, the PCs wondered if they had enough to get back. Of course, the Prefect’s Signet Ring might be worth considerably more to Francoise than a mere 30 guilders…

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