Advantage and Arcana Conversions

A great many of the Advantages and Arcana from 7th Sea will not be listed here. This is because they are easily repilicated by the Honor + Intrigue rules already. For instance, because there are no “skill points” in Honor + Intrigue, University Advantage is of no use. You can just take “Learned” Advantage, and possibly the Scholar career instead. Honor + Intrigue has a “Hunted Flaw” so there is no need to convert the Hunted Background from 7th Sea, either. You get the point.

So here, we’ll be covering the “Big Ones”. Things like Dracheneisen, Man of Will, and various other powers that Honor + Intrigue does not handle using the Rules as Written. Over time, this list will expand; fear not, gentle reader.



Background Any
Bearsark Vesten Only
Castillian Blade Castille Only
Castillian Education Castille Only
Dangerous Beauty
Dracheneisen Eisen Only
MacEachern Heritage Avalon Only
Man of Will
Nibelung Eisen Only
Puzzle Sword Montaigne Only
Righteous Wrath Inquisition Only
Rune Weapon Vesten Only
Sidhe Blood Avalon & Sophia’s Daughters Only
Syrneth Artifact
Sidhe Weapon Avalon Only
Sympathetic Healer Vesten Only
Twisted Blade Vodocce Only
Unbound Male Vodocce Only
Vendel League Seat (somewhat specific variant of Friends in High Places / Dutch East India Company Boons)

New Military Orders

Montaigne Musketeer
Eisen Iron Guard
Elaine’s Knights
Ussuran Stelets
Ussuran Orthodox Tyomny
Vodocce Lord’s Hand


Die Kreuzritter
Explorer’s Society
Invisible College
Los Vagos
Rose and Cross
Sophia’s Daughters
Vendel League

Advantage and Arcana Conversions

El Vago's 7th Sea Campaign Converted to Honor + Intrigue El_Vago