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New Boon: Swordsman’s Guild Membership

In 7th Sea a number of Sword Schools give membership in the Swordsman’s Guild. In Honor + Intrigue, this is not the case, as being a member has its own benefits that more than warrant it becoming its own boon. In addition, a character who learned their Aldana style from a private instructor, or from their father, would not necessarily be part of the guild anyway.

Swordsman’s Guild Member
A member of the Swordsman’s guild is legally able to take part in duels in Theah, and can be hired as a champion to fight on the behalf of another (the guild gets 10% of this fee). In exchange the guild provides training facilities, possibly even lodging for its members. Essentially, the Swordsman’s Guild Member boon functions as the the “Fencing School” boon from Honor + Intrigue; granting members access to training facilities that lower the Advancement costs for mastering new maneuvers. Instead of dealing with “rival fencing schools” the member may instead be called upon to act on behalf of the guild, especially when somebody breaks the rules. On top of the benefits and responsibilities from the Fencing School boon, you also have legal rights to take part in duels, etc, while people without this boon do not have any such rights, and may possibly face arrest (or the Swordsman’s Guild) if they duel illegally.

Sword School Conversions

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